‘Tis the season for giving! With the holiday countdown swiftly approaching zero, are you ready? Have all preparations been made? Year over year, the time seems to come on more quickly. Yet, there are few better ways to spread love and cheer during the holidays than by giving. How have you planned to give this season, and do you know how beneficial this exercise can be?


It’s become a proven practice that giving is good for your health – and for many reasons! We’ve mentioned before – the personal benefits of giving should not be overlooked.

– Generosity lowers stress levels.

– Giving gives our brains a sense of joy and peace.

– And, giving makes us happy!

But here’s one of the best parts. As your happiness increases with giving, so do others’ levels of happiness. It’s contagious! So, think of the acts of giving through time, talents, words, or tangible items and how something small can spin into something much bigger.


This season, Work Right searched for an opportunity to keep a contagion going. The Green Team decided on a fun way to give back while also doing some team-building – building bikes! 7 bikes were constructed by Work Right Injury Prevention Specialists as part of a Build-A-Bike competition. While the task proved somewhat challenging for some teams, injuries were prevented (except for maybe pride). These bikes will be given to the Woodland, WA Chamber of Commerce as part of the City’s Christmas giving efforts.

Along with the bike construction, pairs of unused socks were collected for donation to the local Boys and Girls Club to gift to children in foster care.



Also, not to overlook those we serve on a daily basis, Work Right has teamed with World Help to give income-generating chickens in honor of each of our clients. World Help assists in providing humanitarian aid to impoverished communities around the world. The benefits of gifting chickens has an impact of its own – chicken eggs provide an important source of protein for a family’s diet, as well as an added income source. Chicken fertilizer can also help families grow more food.

How have you chosen to give this season? And how will you keep your own cycle of giving going into 2023?

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