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Individualized Care

Early symptom intervention is key to injury prevention. Onsite Wellness Center visitors provide 1-on-1 evaluations to assist the industrial athlete.

Preventative Exercise

60% of injuries are overexertion or MSD and can be addressed through a sports medicine approach.

Job Coaching & Ergonomics

Injury prevention specialists are experts in human movement and preventative exercise

Early Symptom Intervention

Our specialists work onsite to identify and reduce risk & empower industrial athletes to improve overall resiliency.

Safety Culture

Armed with sports medicine education specific to the workplace, an Industrial Athlete is PREPARED to apply safety and ergonomic best practices.

Train the Trainer

We're equipped to equip your team leaders as subject matter experts in workplace injury prevention.
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Content & Education

We're constantly expanding our library of content to keep Industrial Athletes educated with the latest resources.

Systematic Approach

Analyze the system. Analyze the person. With wearable technology and tools, Work Right provides the best data for decision-makers.

Data Analytics

Data collected is used to recommend changes to workstations or workplace design, and assist with workplace training.

Kinetisense with Funcational Movement Screen

While not meant to diagnose problems, the FMS demonstrates opportunities for improved movement.

Free Consultation

See what the power of prevention can mean for your organization-reach out TODAY!

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