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Work Right NW utilizes licensed Athletic Trainers and Physical Therapists as Injury Prevention Specialists on the job location to integrate a comprehensive model targeting an employee’s overall safety and wellness.

By providing for the wellness of employees prior to the development of injury, corporations are able to substantially reduce the cost of workplace injuries, reduce non-occupational medical costs, improve employee morale, and increase efficiency.

Work Right Integrated Approach

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PREPARED Train the Trainer is a collection of ergonomic principles geared towards equipping industrial athletes for daily success.

Work Right is a leader in using wearable technology to objectively categorize risk and drive solution implementation.

Ergonomic assessments identify objective opportunities to target injury prevention strategies.

Comprehensive approach in a variety of media addressing all factors known to influence WMSD’s, including physical, emotional, and psychosocial.

Our Injury Prevention Specialists work onsite to identify and reduce risk & empower industrial athletes to improve overall resiliency.

Expect a 35% reduction in occ-related claims within 12 months.

Injury prevention specialists are experts in human movement and preventative exercise.

60% of injuries are overexertion or MSD and can be addressed through a sports medicine strength & conditioning approach.

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