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Workplace Injury Prevention Specialists

Athletic training and physical therapy aren’t just for the traditional sports world. Athletes are people that push, pull, and carry for a living. These industrial athletes must take care of their bodies much in the same way an athlete does. Enter Work Right NW. We partner with companies to educate, train, and keep workforce’s healthy, safe, and injury-free all while reducing costs of workplace injuries and non-occupational medical costs, improving employee morale, and increasing efficiency.

Work Right with Work Right NW

Work Right NW is the leader in workplace health and safety that uses a wellness model for musculoskeletal injury prevention and management.

Onsite Injury Prevention Services

Early Symptom Intervention, First Aid, Ergonomic Workplace Assessments

Work Right University

Wearable Technology and Workplace Injury Prevention Training

Content and Education

Toolbox Talks, Weekly Digest on Industrial Sports Medicine, Prevention Videos, Infographics

Kinetisense Computer Vision Functional Assessment

When you Work Right with Work Right NW, the difference is real.

Where does your company see the most opportunity for improvement? Injury claims? Resolution rates? Predictive analytics? We have the data to support it.


Injury Reduction Rate

or higher!



and climbing…


Injuries Prevented

and more each week!

Putting a Dent in Healthcare

Work Right seeks to revolutionize the way companies manage workplace safety. As companies focus on LEAN principles, metrics have replaced people. Our goal is to achieve the injury reduction metrics by caring for the individual.

Work Right will become an industry expectation, not a new idea. Work Right will continually exceed expectations and push the boundaries of innovation.

We care for the needs of the people first and foremost.

Internal motivation. We want to be part of doing something revolutionary.

Humility. Team-focused. We accomplish together and fail together.

We walk the walk. We are service-minded people. Together we shape our world.

We put the “Wow” in service. We go above and beyond our clients expectations.

Our Team

Work Right employs Certified and Licensed Athletic Trainers & Licensed Physical Therapists to serve as our Injury Prevention Specialists. Each clinician is enrolled in a 1:1 mentor program and has access to a library of education on ergonomics and industrial injury prevention.

Looking to join our mission in putting a dent in healthcare? Visit and apply to join the Green Team!

Our Experience

Work Right NW’s client-base varies greatly. Industrial Athletes are present in many industries!

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