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For The Industrial Athlete

Work Right NW strives to be the industry leader in injury prevention through an innovative model of workplace wellness. Recognizing the importance of the health and safety of your employees benefits the lives of your team as well as the company bottom line.

Work Right NW’s PREPARED Leader Train The Trainer engages employees with the understanding that they are an Industrial Athlete and they need to think of their bodies as an athlete would. Do employees move for a living? Lift, push, pull or pull in their job? Sounds like an athlete to us


Train The Trainer Program

The PREPARED Leader Train The Trainer Program is a training process for the health and safety of your employees. The train-the-trainer program provides your company’s leaders with a daily checklist that encompasses wellness, proper physical preparation, ergonomic coaching, and hazards to empower prevention, ensure adherence to safety, apply ergonomic best practices, and equip you with general risk mitigation methods to ensure daily success.

The PREPARED topics are as follows:

  • P – Pre-Shift Warm Ups
  • R – Review Your Hazards
  • E – Evaluate Your Equipment for the Job
  • P – Proper Lifting Posture
  • A – Align Your Shoulders, Hips & Toes
  • R – Remain in the Green Zone
  • E – Elbows In & Thumbs Up
  • D – Debrief & Recuperate
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PREPARED Site Wide Integration

The PREPARED Industrial Athlete Program includes the following services:

  • PREPARED training to the entire workforce to kick off the mindset of PREPARED Industrial Athlete (The kickoff is an optional 45 minute presentation)
  • Train the Trainer Module for PREPARED Leaders (4-8 hour training, 20 participants per class max)
  • Participation in monthly PREPARED Leader committee meetings with a PREPARED trainer mentor (45-60 minutes each)
  • Monthly PREPARED Topic Campaigns (posters, newsletters, handouts) that will be delivered to the customer to utilize as desired throughout the organization. These campaigns are developed to be a teaching tool for your PREPARED Leaders to deliver to their crews as a part of their Tool Box Talks
  • As part of the “Pre-Shift Warmups” component of PREPARED, WRNW will facilitate a voluntary customized stretching program, design posters, and train facility pre-shift leaders to follow through with the stretching programs. (60 minute training)
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Putting A Dent In Healthcare

With the PREPARED Leader Training integrated into your workplace, you hold the power of our proven proactive, preventative approach keeping employees healthy and on the job, reducing absenteeism, and workflow interruption.

Work Right NW has integrated the PREPARED Leader Program in many industrial settings including: Construction, Aerospace Manufacturing, Automotive Manufacturing, Distribution, Food Production, Transportation, and Warehouse.


What PREPARED Leaders Are Saying

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Education is key to empowering the workforce

“I found the PREPARED Train-The-Trainer Course beneficial (even as a long time Safety Professional). Everyone went away feeling empowered to improve their health and the health of the people they work with.”

– Kelly K., EHS Manager

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Early intervention is vital

“I can’t wait to start implement the principles of PREPARED in my daily work routines! I’ve learned how easy it is to get hurt at work as well as AVOID hurting yourself. Reporting a strain or overworked muscle early is key before it gets to be a chronic problem.”

– Floyd T., Onsite Safety Lead

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Helping your coworkers

“I know now that there are preventative measures that can decrease your risk of getting injured, and I know how I can help my peers from preventing an injury at work.”

– Steven M., Industrial Athlete

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A company that Cares

“After the training, I am now more self-aware of where my body is so I’m not hurting at the end of the day. It’s encouraging to work for a company who cares to start a program like this to help keep us safe.”

– Katherine P., Production Supervisor

PREPARED Leader Training Program

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