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You Better Watch Out

by Steve Limbrunner, ATC During prime holiday season, we all want to make sure our holiday decorations are a perfect 10/10. If it’s because we want to impress our neighbors, get in the holiday spirit, or need to do our best Clark Griswold impersonation, holiday decorations are a must! That

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Cold Comfort Checklist

by Mitchel Musselman, ATC Don’t get caught in the cold! If you are one of the lucky ones who get to experience winter (this topic might be a little less crucial for those in the nice winter weather states), the cold season is just around the corner. Everyone through all

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Cool Moves

by Derek Bracken, MS, ATC, CES Work Right utilizes one of the most common and basic techniques for injury prevention among active individuals – whether it’s participating in sports, getting ready for the work day, tackling at home projects, or just getting out of bed. The one thing most people

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Staying Cool & Liquid-ated

by Sam Brosseau, MS, ATC While it might seem like hydration is only a concern in the summertime, this association is not totally accurate and might increase our odds of experiencing symptoms of dehydration. Dehydration is not uncommon even when liquids are readily available, and this is even more true

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The Cold Actually Does Bother Me Anyway

by Kasumi Giordano, LAT, ATC Have you found it harder to perform certain tasks as simple as running or jumping in the cold weather compared to warm weather? As the temperature goes down, some people notice changes in their joints – like our fingers, shoulders, elbows, and knees. Yes, the

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