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Seeing What We Can’t See

by Jaymie Bloch, MS, ATC Everything we’re able to see at the same time is what’s called our Field of Vision. In other words, this is how far out peripherally we’re able to see without moving our eyes or our heads. Typically, this range spans a total width of 190

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Setting the Scene for Injury Prevention

by Samuel Doctorian, MS, ATC Pulled muscles are unpredictable and sometimes hard to prevent. Variables like body composition, type of work, underlying health conditions, and other uncontrollable factors contribute to them. However, with cuts and lacerations injuries, there are controllable and concrete strategies which are almost foolproof to keep you

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The Top Rung Of Safety

by Leeca Baran, ATC & Casee Yarborough, ATC It’s Workplace Safety Month and we’re putting all eyes on environments that see the most risk for workplace injury. To start, we’re eyeing ladders. They’re always up to something. Let’s keep you PREPARED with ladder safety – one step at a time!

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by Emi Calvo, ATC There are many benefits to having a feline friend in your life. Studies have shown that those with feline or canine companions have lower heart rate and blood pressure than those who don’t have pets. Cats often fill our need for companionship, aid in mental health,

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  Planning on moving soon? Or maybe you’re in the midst of packing? Even though moving is an exciting time, we know moving is stressful! Packing can be a literal pain. But don’t worry, as long as you’re PREPARED, stress less and save your back as well! Here are some

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  As the summer flowers bloom, so also come the bees! While these important pollinators may make delicious honey, they also pack a painful sting. These stings can even be made worse with an allergic reaction – sometimes even life-threatening – and you may not know you’re allergic! Pay attention

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How to Survive a Dinosaur Attack

by Omar Fercha, ATC Welcome to Jurassic World! During National Safety Month, we at Work Right want to make sure you are PREPARED to prevent any possible injury. This obviously includes dinosaur attacks, since dinosaurs are being released into the world this week. We want to make sure YOU are

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PREPARED to Travel

by Aaron Weidman VACATION!!! It’s one of the things we look forward to most – that sweet, sweet feeling of getting away. You’ve planned the trip, lined up a flight, reserved the rental car, and booked the hotel. The last thing you need is an injury to set the trip

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PREPARED for the Big Game

by the Work Right NW Illinois Team At Work Right NW, we understand you aren’t always at work, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be PREPARED. We’ve devised a checklist to get ahead of injury prevention. So, as we approach the big football game, make sure you are checking off

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