by the Work Right NW Illinois Team

At Work Right NW, we understand you aren’t always at work, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be PREPARED. We’ve devised a checklist to get ahead of injury prevention. So, as we approach the big football game, make sure you are checking off each letter to remain safe while watching all those commercials!!!!

  Pre-Shift Warm-Up

Even when the event you’re preparing for is watching a football game and eating chicken wings, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t properly warm-up. You’ve got a lot of prep work to do to guarantee the evening goes just right. So, first, begin with a quick 5-minute stretch and flex to set up for your day.

  Review Your Hazards

Secondly, take a look around your house… are all the walkways clear? You’re going to be in a hurry to get back to your seat so you don’t miss those commercials. Clear the walkways between couch, kitchen, and restroom. Pick up those dog toys and Lego. We can’t have any slips, trips, or falls on a day like today!!!!

  Evaluate Your Equipment for the Job

Next, get that crockpot out and make sure it’s clean and the cord is in good shape. How about the refrigerator? Room for beverages and leftover dips? Move to the living room: fresh batteries in the remote? Check the TV and speaker system connections. The halftime show won’t wait if your equipment isn’t working. For this reason, checking your gameday “tools” ensures you have no worries on the big day.

  Proper Lifting Posture

A good host ensures unobstructed TV viewing. So, make sure you’re using proper lifting posture while you rearrange your furniture to optimize viewing from all seats… Specifically, keep that S curve, engage your core, and hinge at those hips!!

  Align Your Shoulders, Hips, and Toes

Be sure you are squared up to the TV while watching. Don’t settle for improper viewing angles from your couch. We don’t want any stiff necks from inadequate seating.

  Remain in the Green Zone

Keep both of your hands under the plate as you carry it back to your seat. We can’t risk run-away chicken wings because you didn’t keep that plate tight to your body.

  Elbows in & Thumbs Up When Reaching

Proper form while drinking a beverage on the couch is critical. Don’t let your elbow fly out to the side as you enjoy your gameday beverage. Obviously, we can’t risk black eyes for your seatmate because you got lazy.

  Debrief and Recuperate

WHAT A GAME! And those commercials? They were better than last year! Now grab some water to hydrate and go to bed, champ. You’ve got work tomorrow!!!

Happy “Big Game” watching from your Work Right NW Illinois Team!

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