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Things That Go Bump In The Night

by Bre Reyes, MRSC, ATC & Ashley Shoemaker, MHA, ATC Feeling groggy? Well, wake up and stay alert as you follow along with these ghouls and goblins… Oops, we mean tricks and treats about how to get better sleep. There are a lot of frightening myths surrounding sleep, and we

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A Wake Up Call To Sleep Deprivation

by Peyton Jackson, ATC Sleep. No one seems to get enough of it (though, some get too much of it with negative effects). But, if we’re being honest, a majority of people don’t get enough energy from sleep to make it through the day. This can have a major affect

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Sleep Like A Pig

by Carol Mass, LAT, ATC Have you ever gone to sleep feeling fine, and woken up with pain or discomfort somewhere in your body? Some of my friends and I joke that it used to take physical exertion to get injured, now (at our age) all it takes is sleeping!

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Make Sleep a Sport

Have you heard of the sport called “sleep”? It has yet to make it into the Olympics, but we think it should be recognized and lauded like any other sport.  Most are at least generally aware that exercise and strength training is the key to longevity, health, wellness, brain function,

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