Have you heard of the sport called “sleep”? It has yet to make it into the Olympics, but we think it should be recognized and lauded like any other sport. 

Most are at least generally aware that exercise and strength training is the key to longevity, health, wellness, brain function, weight control, mood, and on and on and on. We could literally keep going and link it to every part of our survival. We routinely educate on this topic whether that is 1:1, in our weekly newsletters, on social media, or just shouting it from the rooftops. As physical therapists and athletic trainers, we LOVE exercise.

However, the actual act of doing the exercise or strength is only a piece of it. The other piece is how the body then does it’s magic to make the body stronger and more resilient. This other piece largely happens when we sleep. We release chemicals essential to growth and recovery ONLY when we sleep. We cannot cheat this system, we are hardwired to require sleep.

Why would we consider sleep a sport? 

  1. Because it is a requirement for performance
  2. Because quality of sleep matters
  3. Because training our bodies for sleep makes us better 

Try out this daily sleep training schedule, be consistent, and reap the benefits.

When is the last time you bragged on your sleep quality and quantity? It’s about time!