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by Sydney Boyce, MS, LAT, ATC, RYT200 Following a balanced diet is crucial to good health and proper nutrition, especially for females. Women go through a constant shift in hormones throughout different phases of life and maturation. Plus women tend to get bombarded by ads on the next fad diet

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Soap & Razors

by Casee Yarborough, LAT, ATC Have you heard of the Pink Tax? It’s not an actual tax, but it’s the tendency that common products for women are more expensive compared to equivalent products for men. Things like razors and soaps are a few dollars more expensive when marketed to women.

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Mind The Gap

by Molly Boylan, MS, LAT, ATC You were pregnant for nine months and delivered a beautiful baby (or babies). You watched and felt your body change throughout the entire process. It can be alarming to some women all the changes that take place mentally and physically after delivery. One of

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We Can Do It: Healthier Together

by Krystina Aguilera, MS, ATC, CSCS Each year, the Department of Health and Human Services dedicates the week starting at Mother’s Day (this year from May 12th to 18th) to spotlighting the unique health concerns of women. To do our part, we’re working to go a step further and turn

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