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7 Myths of Resistance Training

Resistance training is often misunderstood. To put some myths to rest, here are 3 that we think are important to bring to light. In reality, resistance training (translation: strengthening) is the single best piece of prevention for a myriad of conditions.

7 Myths of Resistance Training
Vol, 7, Issue 35
Vol, 7, Issue 35 – Spanish

Are You Aware?

This newsletter is a little different than our typical tips and tricks for the industrial athlete. We are talking about something a little more serious. YES, all safety is serious, but this matter is one that is often not talked about because it can be uncomfortable. Suicide awareness. Did we just make you sweat a little? GOOD. This is a topic that we should all be at least slightly savvy on, particularly in the industrial workspace.

Vol, 7, Issue 27
Vol, 7, Issue 27 – Spanish

Hydration Equation

As the summer sneaks up and temperatures continue to rise, let’s take another moment to focus on hydration for the industrial athlete. We talk about hydration often, but are we only talking about our water intake? While literally drinking water is important, our bodies overall hydration level comes from other places too.

Hydration Equation
Vol, 7, Issue 24
Vol, 7, Issue 24 – Spanish

Travel In Mind?

Sometimes staying present isn’t all that beneficial during challenging circumstances. Take the current pandemic, for example. The return to normalcy seems as though it is just on the horizon. Or is it? Likewise it could be a challenging family situation or workplace changes. Projecting ourselves to a previous time or a desired future time can serve as a break.

Vol, 7, Issue 28
Vol, 7, Issue 28 – Spanish

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