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Staying Cool & Liquid-ated

by Sam Brosseau, MS, ATC While it might seem like hydration is only a concern in the summertime, this association is not totally accurate and might increase our odds of experiencing symptoms of dehydration. Dehydration is not uncommon even when liquids are readily available, and this is even more true

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Eat To Hydrate

by Steven Limbrunner, ATC If you’re like me, staying hydrated can be a boring and repetitive process. The constant need to drink some high-quality H2O feels like maintenance work for our bodies. Trips to the water cooler. Trips to the bathroom. Repeat. What if I told you… there are more

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All Up In Your Grill About Safety

by Aaron Weidman It’s the middle of summer, do you know if your grill is in prime condition to host a BBQ with friends and family? You know Work Right wants you PREPARED for every occasion. So here are some tips for you to Review Your Hazards when it comes

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Cavemen, Sleep, and How to Get It

by Andrea Jervinis, ATC, LAT Do you feel it? The grogginess and body ache that comes with losing an hour during Daylight-Saving Time? Let me tell ya, it’s even worse with kids (am I right, parents?). The good news is in a few short days our bodies will get used

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Sticking to a Gym Routine

by Justin Zimmerman Consistency is key for gym goals but the reason reaching those goals is so challenging is because of how difficult it is to stay consistent for the long term. Anyone have a gym resolution to begin the new year? Let us help offer a few tips to

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The Best of 2021

As we begin the new year, we take a look back on our favorite newsletters of 2021. Each of these selections seemed to be a favorite of yours as well! If you’re interested in reading each of these again (or if even for the first time), the volume and issue

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Prevent Injuries on 2! Down. Set. Hut Hut!

Blue 42. Blue 42. Check, Check. PREVENT INJURIES. PREVENT INJURIES ON 2. DOWWWNNN. SEEEET. HUT HUT!    As summer winds down, the days start getting cooler, the leaves begin to change color, and across the nation you can hear the sounds of pads clashing against each other. That’s right, football

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