Don’t feel de-feeted. Ankle injuries don’t have to be your Achilles’ heel in your journey toward overall health and safety. Yes, ankles are crucial to our day-to-day activities. They bear the weight of our bodies, aid in balance and posture, provide stability and support, and strong ankles reduce the risk of sprains, strains, and other injuries. That’s why we have to keep those ankles movin’, so we can keep on groovin’!

Twist & Shout

Want to avoid the “twist and shout” of a rolled or twisted ankle? Get started with an ankle mobility test and exercises! Follow along with Justin, Work Right’s squat guru and Injury Prevention Specialist, in this video to prepare these joints for the myriad of movements you have to complete in your daily activities.

Is Your Ankylosaurus?

Ankle sprains are common in the sports world, particularly those with uneven surfaces, and cutting or jumping movements. It shouldn’t be surprising these movements aren’t unfamiliar to the Industrial Athlete either, and carry the same risk for injury. If you’re faced with a sore or painful ankle, check out these resources to educate on some common issues and what you can do to prevent them.

Ankle Injury Prevention | IA Digest, Vol 6, Issue 31: The Ankle Roll

Can’t Stand It? Walk It Off.

If you’re faced with a sprained or strained ankle, the PEACE & LOVE protocol is a good go-to. Your Injury Prevention Specialist can help you with the steps of (P) Protection, (E) Elevation, (A) Avoid Anti-Inflammatories, (C) Compression, and (E) Education to start. But, don’t think you’re headed for the Injured Reserve. To prevent further swelling, stiffness, and other injuries, gentle movements and exercises can aid in recovery and prevent loss of motion. That’s the LOVE part: Loading, Optimism, Vascularization, and Exercises. Try these exercises out for some heel-ing!

Ankle Pumps
Ankle ABCs
Ankle Roll
Calf Stretch

Industrial Sports Medicine

Reach out to your onsite Injury Prevention Specialist for further information and education on ankle strength, flexibility, and injury prevention strategies. Maintaining strong, flexible ankles through exercises, stretches, and proper footwear can significantly contribute to overall stability, mobility, and injury prevention. That’s why we like to move it, move it!

Be sure to check out our other blogs for further injury prevention education and tips for the industrial athlete from Work Right NW!