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Strong Shoulders, Stronger Ken

by Aaron Weidman, MS, ATC, CEAS Men’s Health tends to be a bit like Fight Club. How, you ask? Well, the 1st and 2nd rule of Men’s Health are similar to those of Fight Club – “You do not talk about Men’s Health!” We’re working on breaking through the stigma

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Roll With It. We Like To Move It, Move It.

by WRNW Don’t feel de-feeted. Ankle injuries don’t have to be your Achilles’ heel in your journey toward overall health and safety. Yes, ankles are crucial to our day-to-day activities. They bear the weight of our bodies, aid in balance and posture, provide stability and support, and strong ankles reduce

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Sports Hernia Prevention

by Salvador Saldana The dreaded hernia. Have you ever worried about potentially getting one in your lifetime? Sports hernias are pretty common in the sports population, but they are also commonly found within the industrial setting as well. Have you ever felt a pull or twinge in the front of

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