It is? You’ve come to the right place, then. This kneed-to-know information is for anyone looking to avoid knee injuries or those knee-deep in pain and discomfort. Kneed-less to say, we have those sports medicine resources best suited to keeping injuries at bay. Let’s not keep you on pins and kneedles, and dive right into the information you kneed to keep you injury-free!

Kneed To Know

Our knees are pivotal for overall movement and function. They are essential for mobility, stability, and support. Check out this squat workshop first as a go-to for proper motion and flexibility needed in your knees (along with your hips and ankles) to improve overall function and performance and to prevent injuries.

Also, use this Knee Pain GPS to dissect current knee pain and symptoms.

Weak At The Knees

Experiencing knee discomfort or pain? Or, are you looking to prevent knee injuries outright? We can give you reason to do so with these resources on what knee discomfort can do to your overall health and how it can impact your pocketbook. It’s enough to make you weak at the knees and want to practice prevention!

Inflammatory Words | The Cost of Injury: The Knee

Nice & Knee-sy

Strengthening your knees doesn’t have to be hard. Sometimes it starts with something as easy as a daily walk. These dips into the Digest Archive showcase straightforward steps for knee-ded success. If you’re interested in simple exercises, we have you covered there too!

The Power of Walking | Step It Up | Knee Basic 5

Industrial Sports Medicine

Contact your onsite Injury Prevention Specialist for more print resources on comprehensive knee exercises and injury prevention. Maintaining healthy knees through exercise, proper nutrition, and injury prevention is critically kneed-ed for a high quality of life and mobility!

Be sure to check out our other blogs for further injury prevention education and tips for the industrial athlete from Work Right NW!