Wellness is not only about taking care of your body with strength, fitness, and flexibility. While we always have a tip on how #strongisneverwrong, we cannot forget the impact our mental health has on our overall total health.

Tis the season for giving, but maybe we should be focusing on giving ALL year. Why? Because it’s good for our health! Giving can be done in various forms, some of which include giving time, talents, words, or items. There is no one-size-fits-all approach for giving. You may even say giving is a “lifetime sport” as in it can be done throughout our entire lives while still benefiting us in so many ways.

Here are some benefits of a GIVING lifestyle:

Brain Food

The reaction of giving has actually been coined with a nickname called the “giver’s glow.” It literally makes the giver “glow.” Generosity releases chemicals in our brain that give us a sense of joy and peace.

Happiness Contagion

Generous people tend to give in many ways, one of them by making those around them feel better. They make friends feel stronger and smarter. This then rubs off on us making us feel good Then it gets contagious! When we feel good, we are better at making those around us feel good too! 

Secret to Youth

It turns out that generosity lowers stress levels. Does it then surprise us that generous people live longer than people who don’t give? There have even been studies that found those who volunteered were 40% less likely to develop high blood pressure. That’s a win in our opinion! For those that cringe at the mention of exercise, get out there and start volunteering! 

Giving for Change

So, let’s start benefiting from giving right now! From now until December 4th, for every new page follow or subscription on any of Work Right’s social media channels, Work Right will contribute $5 toward a new clean water well project for an impoverished community across the globe. This well will be facilitated by World Help. Be generous with your subscriptions and help us reach our goal!


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