You feel it, right? The motion, the tension? If you move for a living, your hips are a part of every motion you make. If you’re not using your hips correctly, the rest of your body will never fall in line. From proper lifting to to a strong core to overall balance, the truth lies in your hips! So be wise and keep on reading the signs of your body with this latest (and hippest) collection of industrial sports resources!

Hinging Your Success

Want to master the perfect squat? Looking for the start to a perfect lift? Well, you must master a hip hinge first! Watch the video to become a pro at the hip hinge. Get ready to say goodbye to bad lifting practice and hello to your hips. It’s the hippest exercise around!

How To Hip Hinge Like a Pro Video | How to Hip Hinge Flyer | Hip Hinge with a Resistance Band


Just because you can’t touch your toes doesn’t mean that a good dose of yoga can’t help. Flexibility is not a requirement. Yoga is a fantastic way to dynamically warm up for your day OR to wind down at the end of your day. It ALSO engages your core, increases flexibility, and focuses your breathing. Give yourself some grace and give it a try!

WRNW Yoga for the Industrial Athlete

All In The Hips

As you may have found, if you’re an industrial athlete who stands most of the day, keeping your core and hips strong is essential to staving off low back pain. Hip weakness can cause issues up and down your body if not prevented. Check out the Work Right Content Archive for more information!

Katie‘s 5-Minute Hip Cure | Vol 3, Issue 34 – Lifting Techniques | Vol 5, Issue 19 – Can You Build It |
Vol 8, Issue 13 – Sports Hernia Prevention

Industrial Sports Medicine

Reach out to your onsite Injury Prevention Specialist for a copy of further print resources for all-encompassing hip exercises and injury prevention strategies. Hip injuries don’t just hamper the industrial athlete during work tasks. How you use your hip affects any number of daily activities. Your hips will let you know, of course, because they don’t lie!

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