by Work Right NW

Many of our injury prevention tips in the industrial setting focus on the importance of ergonomics in the workplace, especially at workstations, tables, or desks. The Human Factors and Ergonomics Society outlines the importance of the discipline in many forms. But, what about those who work with heavy machinery while sitting down? While it may seem nice to be able to sit and work, it’s not quite so cushy!

For those who spend their days operating a forklift, they know the hazards and pitfalls to preventing injuries while working. Check out Work Right’s tips on ensuring good ergonomic practice while operating a forklift.


  1.  Steering wheel within easy reach when resting against backrest
  2.  Knee angle between 90° and 110°
  3.  Less than 45° angle between elbow and body with hands on the steering wheel
  4. Thighs horizontal, knee should be at the same height as the pelvis
  5.  Backrest angle no more than 100° with lumbar support at low back
  6.  No wallet or phone in the back pocket!
  7.  Adjust air to reduce vibration

Forklift Ergonomics, Ergo Tips

Each operator is unique! Take time to adjust your angle and posture before forklift operation. And, be sure to adopt the 30-30 rule – every 30 minutes, take 30 seconds to reverse your seated position by standing up and stretching those muscles for the best injury prevention success!

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