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Forklift Ergonomics

by Work Right NW Many of our injury prevention tips in the industrial setting focus on the importance of ergonomics in the workplace, especially at workstations, tables, or desks. The Human Factors and Ergonomics Society outlines the importance of the discipline in many forms. But, what about those who work

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Driving Value In Your Coaching

by Nathan Gonzalez Work Right is an industry leader in equipping industrial athletes to be ergonomically prepared for their workday. How is that you ask? Proactively seeking opportunities to educate and empower as many employees as possible to make positive shifts in their work practices, is what sets us apart!

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Ergo Month: Desk Setup Checklist

WARNING: Getting a proper set up for your desk may result in decreased neck, upper back, wrist, and forearm pain as well as improvements in mood and productivity. Improper desk ergonomics are a risk factor for a variety of aches and pains – none of which are desirable. Neck pain

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Celebrate Ergonomics Month this October

October is National Ergonomics Month. We recognize the importance of ergonomics in the workplace for many reasons but especially for its injury prevention superpower! Prevention is our goal so utilization of ergonomics is essential to the bigger picture. Ergonomics is a science and as such…can be complicated. But it doesn’t

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