by Nathan Gonzalez

Work Right is an industry leader in equipping industrial athletes to be ergonomically prepared for their workday.

How is that you ask?

Proactively seeking opportunities to educate and empower as many employees as possible to make positive shifts in their work practices, is what sets us apart!

As an organization, Work Right has developed the PREPARED model that encompasses the most relevant ergonomic and injury prevention principles into one methodology. The structure and format of PREPARED is easy to recall and embodies the prevention-first mindset we promote to our clients. Work Right spends a considerable amount of time educating clients on the value of PREPARED, so they know it when they see it!

We deploy this coaching strategy in many ways. For some of our clients, it’s an in-depth, train-the-trainer module series where we breakdown each letter and unpack the industry research behind it (the WHY). For others, we simply bring this into our one-on-one coaching sessions, or pull a letter out that helps address a contributing factor to an employee’s musculoskeletal symptoms.

Utilizing PREPARED

The question then becomes, how are you utilizing PREPARED at your site? Are there certain letters that come naturally or are easier to coach on? Are there others that you shy away from or don’t feel are in your scope? By utilizing PREPARED, you are defining the value of your interactions and ensuring that your safety teams, employees, and operations are speaking the same language.

We all know that to make any change in our behavior or routine, we must consistently stick with that new thought, task, or activity. The more your employees hear about PREPARED, from formal training in new hire orientation to an education moment out on the floor, the more likely they are to incorporate these principles and benefit from positive changes in their wellness and workplace practices!


About Nathan Gonzalez, LAT, ATC, CMMSS

Nathan is a member of the corporate team at WRNW and has spent nearly a decade working with industrial athletes and teams as an Athletic Trainer, Certified Medical Management Safety Specialist, and account manager. Nathan finds the best way to push the pendulum towards injury prevention is through being curious, getting on a worker’s level, and developing trusting relationships at all levels of an organization.