Feeling that tingly feeling about what to do with pain in your hands, but can’t put your finger on it? Count on Work Right to point you in the right direction. The fingers (and your hand) are the focus of our next Body Part Resource series. Because of the multidirectional and dynamic movement of your hands and fingers, injuries like cuts and lacerations in this area can take longer to heal. Check out our latest rundown of resource highlights on your fingers and hands to keep you safe, injury-free, and ready to Work RIGHT!

Feel It In Your Fingers

Your body is a machine – you have keep it well oiled and maintained to prevent injury. When it comes to your fingers and your hands, Work Right is here to help you get a grip on keeping those muscles in shape. Try these microstretches and warm-up exercises for yourself!
Stretching for the Hands | Microstretch Exercises

Here To Land A Hand

Video resources are another great visual aid for such a dynamic body part. These two videos provide a quick overview of much-needed microstretches to keep our hands and fingers ready for work. There are some wrist exercises, too, but we think you’ll find it’s all connected!
Workday Basic 5: Hand + Wrist | Handy Moves for Microstretching

A Slice Of Information

Did you know hand cuts and lacerations are the second leading cause of workplace injuries? Help us to reduce these very avoidable injuries by taking a look at these resources. What’s causing these occupational injuries? And what can we do to reduce the frequency of the issue? Whether you absorb information through infographics or video, we have the right resource for you! Vol 6, Issue 20 | Hand Cut and Laceration Facts | Contributing Factors Video

A Handful of Other Tips

Handling the Work Load:

– Try warming up your hands before you exercise by using a heating pad or soaking them in warm water for 5-10 minutes.

– Make some art! Playing with a medium such as putty or clay is a great way to increase range of motion in your fingers and strengthen your hands. Follow your kids’ lead – squish it into a ball, roll it into a snake, or pinch spikes on a dinosaur.

A Joint Effort:

– Arthritis is also a factor with keeping your fingers and hands injury-free. Read up on the different types of arthritis and other ailments that feel like arthritic pain. Vol 8, Issue 20

Prefer Print? Ask your onsite clinician if you prefer a print version of these resources. They’ll be happy to help!

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