by Aaron Weidman

It’s the middle of summer, do you know if your grill is in prime condition to host a BBQ with friends and family? You know Work Right wants you PREPARED for every occasion. So here are some tips for you to Review Your Hazards when it comes to grilling this 4th of July so you can appear to be in mid-season form.

Tongs/Spatula – Have the proper utensils for whatever you put on the grill. Nothing spells disaster quicker than losing a hot dog to your actual dog because you decided not to bring the tongs with you.

Towel/Apron – You spent good money on the perfect shirt for the 4th of July. Why mess it up with grease splatters or an airborne burger as you’re trying to show off with a flip toss off your spatula? Wear an apron or keep a towel on your shoulder, and BAM, your shirt gets to be the talk of the party all afternoon.

Shoes – We know you’re out in the sun and like to wear flip-flops, but grease drippage or hot coals dropped on your bare foot can be painful. So, put on a pair of shoes while at the grill or put those Crocs in sports mode. You have to be ready to dance around if those cheddar brats start spraying juice all over the place.

Water – “Humans can’t survive on water alone” or something like that. In any case, make sure you have some water on hand to not only control those flare-ups on your grill but also quench your thirst. It’s a long hot day standing over the grill, and you need to be hydrated to deliver the perfect holiday spread to your guests.

Beverage in a koozie – This section discusses the other beverages people like to partake in at a holiday BBQ. You’ve got enough to worry about with picky eaters who only want “well-done steaks.” We can’t have your beverage getting too warm and becoming far less refreshing.

Grill Glove – The last thing we need is to singe those hairs on your hand from the hot grill. Keep your flip hand protected with a grill glove and avoid that burnt hair smell; no one wants that smell at a cookout!

Sunscreen/Hat – You’re out at the grill all afternoon cooking for your guests. Protect yourself with some sunscreen and a hat so you can enjoy the party for yourself after your grill duties are over.

Follow these tips, and you’ll be PREPARED to have a great 4th of July!

About Aaron Weidman, MS, ATC, CEAS ||

Aaron is a Certified Athletic Trainer in the Normal, IL area. Aaron has spent his career helping athletes, patients, and team members prevent and recover from injuries and is passionate about prevention. When Aaron isn’t at work he enjoys traveling with his wife or being at home spoiling their Scottish Terrier, Zoey.

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