Eight tiny bones. That’s it. Your wrist joint is connected to the rest of your arm through these bones. No wonder wrist pain and injury is so common in the workplace. Highly repetitive tasks, gripping, and grasping make the wrist highly vulnerable to stress and strain. Why be a wrist taker? Work Right’s wreturned with wresources to keep your wrist wready to Work Wright!

All in the Wrist

With so much stress placed on our wrists, it’s important to prioritize microstretch breaks throughout our day. The goal with these breaks is to decrease the tension placed on the body to the repetitive nature of your job. In an effort to keep tension from developing, practice microstretch breaks frequently. Try these for yourself!
Microstretch Exercises | Hand and Wrist Warm-Up


You know we’ve got that video, too! Looking for a quick and handy resource to get your wrists moving? Try these videos for an overview of much-needed microstretches for the wrist flexiblity and range-of-motion.
Workday Basic 5: Hand + Wrist | 2 Way Forearm Stretch | Handy Moves for Microstretching

Unnerving Nerves

The median, radial, and ulnar nerves that pass through our wrists control strength and sensation throughout our elbow, wrist, hand, and fingers. Decrease discomfort and injury risk throughout the arm with these simple nerve and tendon glide exercises.
Nerve Mobilization Exercises | Ulnar Nerve | Radial Nerve | Median Nerve

Industrial Sports Medicine

Don’t forget our handy guide to all things Wrist! Wrist injuries are not only common to the industrial space, but also in occupational and traditional office settings, as well. Ask your onsite Injury Prevention Specialist for a copy of these references for stretches and exercises on helping with wrist issues.

Don’t Forget About CTS!

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a painful condition of the wrist, generally due to repetitive movements. Read more from the archive, along with a look at the cost of this particular injury.
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome | The Cost of Injury

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