Do you sometimes feel you’re all thumbs? This might mean you feel clumsy with your work or your hands, but we could think of worse things. Our thumbs do more for us than we give them credit. (Try opening a door or buttoning a button if you need a reminder.) But because of how useful our thumbs are, the more we have to be aware of their possibility for injury. Let’s dig into the archive and give you some resources leaving you thum-believibly strong!

Get a Grip

Tension through the trapezius muscle can contribute to neck and shoulder pain. It’s the support system for these muscles and other body regions that really need mobilization though! The thoracic spine is often spent in a rounded position from looking down and poor posture. Try this exercise to unload that stress!

Thumb-Thing Risky

Thumbs are highly prone to overuse issues, and as a result more susceptible to arthritis. Keep those thumbs (and your fingers) nimble and agile with these microstretches and warm-up exercises!

Stretching for the Hands | Microstretch Exercises

Thumbing Through the Archive

We had to go back a long way into the Work Right Content Library, but we know you’ll give thumbs of approval for these resources on overuse awareness and the ever-present water cooler conversation topic of Gamekeeper’s Thumb.

Vol 2, Issue 34 The Power of the Thumb

Vol 2, Issue 12 Gamekeeper’s Thumb

Video Thumbnails

You know we have those video resources too! Reinforcing our common theme through this body part resource series – it’s all connected – don’t forget about these thumb-adjacent videos to keep your thumbs strong and safe from injury.

Handy Moves for Microstretching

Hand Cut and Laceration Contributing Factors Video

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