Hey, sole survivors. Let’s kick it! This isn’t just any footcare newsletter; it’s your VIP pass to happy feet. We put our best foot forward from pro tips to hidden gems. We’ve got the full arsenal of resources for your feet — like having a foot spa in your inbox. It’s a shoebox full of goodies — videos, tips, and past gold nuggets to pamper those trusty foot soldiers. No more playing footsie with injuries; let’s strut into a world where blisters and bunions are old news!

Find Your Footing

To start, we’re dishing out foot-fabulous flicks! Watch Happy Feet for some serious toe-tappin’ inspiration, or dive into 4 Ways to Relieve Foot Pain from Working on Concrete Floors featuring our friends at Ally Safety – because let’s face it, those floors are less ‘solid ground’ and more ‘tough love’ for our feet!

Feet Feats & Fixes

Here’s a visual goldmine for happy, healthy feet. Check out these infographics all geared toward treating your feet with care – step by step and day by day! A past calendar gives daily exercises, foot care, and injury prevention strategies. A flyer gives a routine to help tired and achy ankles, feet, and toes. And, two infographics to give you a play-by-play on identifying foot pain and caring for your feet along with choosing the RIGHT footwear.

Super Feet

As you may have heard, Work Right partnered with Superfeet recently to provide you with the best insoles in the industry! Most footwear lacks the necessary shape to anatomically fit our feet. But Superfeet insoles deliver 3D shape where you need it, filling in the empty space. They adapt our relatively flat footwear to the 3D foot for a better fit.

Ask your onsite Injury Prevention Specialist how you can ensure the RIGHT fit with Superfeet. It’ll be your best move yet!

Feet Focus Archive

We like to dig deep. And we’ve rounded up four past newsletters from our archive specifically exclusively dedicated to foot care. Explore The Cost of Injury – the Foot, Footwear, Sole Wellness is No Small Feet, and Shoewear for Summer.

As always, if you prefer print copies of these resources, reach out to your onsite Injury Prevention Specialist!

Be sure to check out our other blogs for further injury prevention education and tips for the industrial athlete from Work Right NW!