With a new year in sight, it’s time to reflect on things past and those that are to come in 2023! To do that, we take you back to Work Right’s most popular topics from the past year. Which were your favorites? As you read or re-read (click on the green boxes to read the original article), we hope you find them just as relevant as we changeover to the new calendar year. Happy New Year!

Woof Right at Work Right

National Wellness Month and National Dog Day converge to give us the physical and mental health benefits of dog ownership!

Vol. 8, Issue 33
Vol. 8, Issue 33 – Spanish

Effort in the Vein

Donating blood to save lives is a constant and urgent need. How can you do your part?

Vol. 8, Issue 32
Vol. 8, Issue 32 – Spanish

What to Stretch When You’re Expecting

As an industrial athlete, the requirement to use your body to perform job tasks may become a little more difficult with pregnancy. Let Work Right keep you PREPARED for your work day!

Vol. 8, Issue 34
Vol. 8, Issue 34 – Spanish

Step It Up

Don’t underestimate the power of a short walk after meal time. Even 2-5 minutes of quick walking can have major health benefits.

Vol. 8, Issue 47
Vol. 8, Issue 47 – Spanish

Processing Your Diet

Food is fuel for our bodies. But what kind of fuel are you eating? While not all processed foods are bad for you, be on the lookout for the ultra-processed kinds.

Vol. 8, Issue 38
Vol. 8, Issue 38 – Spanish

What to Expect After Expecting

Many female industrial athletes may return to work quickly after pregnancy and childbirth. Do not expect it to be an easy and fast recovery! 

Vol. 8, Issue 40
Vol. 8, Issue 40 – Spanish

The Cost of Injury: The Foot

Check out these common workplace foot injuries and what you can do to avoid them.

Vol. 8, Issue 37
Vol. 8, Issue 37 – Spanish

Pick Your Brain: Concussion Safety

Traumatic Brain Injuries are common in the industrial workplace. Do you know the signs and symptoms? TBIs are also preventable!

Vol. 8, Issue 35
Vol. 8, Issue 35 – Spanish

Holiday Break

During the holidays, don’t forget this time of year means something different for everyone. Prepare for these different expectations and emotions.

Vol. 8, Issue 48
Vol. 8, Issue 48 – Spanish

The Cycle of Giving

Giving = Happiness. And happiness is contagious! What are you doing to create your own never-ending cycle of happiness with giving? Work Right has a few examples to end the year RIGHT!

Vol. 8, Issue 50
Vol. 8, Issue 50 – Spanish

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