by Aaron Weidman, MS, ATC, CEAS

It is officially summer!!! That means it’s time for everyone’s favorite topic to talk about – PROPER HYDRATION!! Wait, come back!! Did you think I was going to talk about beaches, lakes, BBQs, baseball, the 4th of July, playing golf, or any of the other summer-based activities that we all love so much? Oh…… you did, huh? Well, you know what all those activities have in common that isn’t about summer? To get to enjoy them to the fullest you should be adequately hydrated. Boom, back on topic!!

Decoding Your Hydration Level

As an industrial athlete you should know hydration is a key component to being at your best at work, but even outside of work you should be taking it just as seriously. We realize this isn’t the most glamorous topic, and even less glamorous is the easiest way to tell if you are properly hydrating – your urine color. Like I said, not the most glamorous thing to talk about, but very effective and easy. So here we go, let’s decode what our bodies are telling us about our hydration level.

Practically Transparent:
You may think this is where you want to be when it comes to hydration level, but this in fact means you are over hydrated. So, ease up on the water for just a bit.

Weak Lemonade Color:
Congrats, you’re properly hydrated. Keep doing what you’re doing because clearly you are drinking enough fluids. This doesn’t mean stop hydrating, but continue doing whatever it is you are doing because it’s working!!

Corona Beer Color:
No, don’t grab another one, we’re still talking about your urine color here. This also means you’re doing fine when it comes to hydrating, but you should consider increasing fluid intake soon, especially if you are sweating a lot from activity.

Amber Color:
Okay chief, it’s time to grab that water bottle and start increasing your fluid intake. You are now on your way to Dehydration Town, population: YOU! This doesn’t mean to start chugging water until your stomach hurts. But, you should definitely make it a priority to get more fluids in you.

Rusty Nail Color:
Now. Now is the time to take a break and make it a priority to get water in your system. While you’re at it you should also add some type of electrolyte drink to your routine because your body is in serious need of hydration. If your urine is this color it is no longer an option. You need to increase your fluid intake immediately!!

That wasn’t so bad was it? Now go out there and do all those fun summer activities you love to do. You are now PREPARED to take on the summer.

This one’s hard, but will help with your hydration level and so many other things – especially during the heat of the summer months. When you wake up in the morning, drink 12 to 16 oz of water before hitting the coffee. Ack! I know, but your body will thank you for it.

Aaron Weidman, MS, ATC, CEAS || Aaron is a Certified Athletic Trainer in the Normal, IL area. Aaron has spent his career helping athletes, patients, and team members prevent and recover from injuries and is passionate about prevention. When Aaron isn’t at work he enjoys traveling with his wife or being at home spoiling their Scottish Terrier, Zoey.

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