What isn’t, right?! This is likely especially true if you spend ample amounts of time at a computer or workstation. Posture is a practice and worth your time, plus your neck will thank you! You have one body in this lifetime, and as an industrial athlete you have to make it last. Let’s dive in to what Work Right recommends when it comes to any and all stretches, exercises, and tips and tricks when it comes to your neck.

The Work Day Basic 5: The Neck

Microstretching throughout the day is one of the most important things we can do to 1) change position with regularity 2) reverse our position and 3) move into ranges. Check out Work Right’s video on how to stretch out that neck!

Industrial Sports Medicine

Need a handy (and exhaustive) look at how to take better care of your neck? Neck injuries account for a large portion of workplace injuries – like the lower back – and are common especially among our desk athletes.
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Posture Principles: Upper Crossed Syndrome

Poor posture leads to areas that chronically get tight and others that are chronically weak. Bad posture affects the spine, and in turn, can cause pain in your neck. But, it can be fixed – and prevented! Try these exercises to strengthen the weak areas and stretch out the tight areas and fix your posture.

The Art Of Healthy Desk Living

While a perfect desk set up won’t solve all of your problems, it can be a major contributor to repetitive stress on the neck and muscles of the upper back.

Headache Recovery

All the time we spend looking down can often lead to headaches. This is sometimes referred to as ‘Tech Neck.’ Check out this recovery technique to get tips on taking care of that headache!
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Ask your onsite clinician if you prefer a print version of these resources. They’ll be happy to help!

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