Get ready to groove and protect your mid-back with our latest set of body part resources! We’ve got the beats, the tips, and the moves to keep your spine in line. Whether you’re working, playing, or busting a move on the dance floor, we’ve got your back — literally! Let’s dive into the world of mid-back injury prevention and ensure you’re singing, “Oh Heck, My Mid-Back” without any pain.

Oh heck, my mid-back

Let’s prevent any setback

Exercise and stay on track

Protect your spine, no turning back

Thoracic Feeling Jurassic?

Tension through the trapezius muscle can contribute to neck and shoulder pain. It’s the support system for these muscles and other body regions that really need mobilization though! The thoracic spine is often spent in a rounded position from looking down and poor posture. Try this exercise to unload that stress!

Video | PPT/TV Slide

Take a Deep Breath

Diaphragmatic breathing has been linked to decreasing the effect of the cortisol hormone of your body (aka stress) and decreasing tension in the body. Try out these diaphragmatic breathing exercises and Progressive Muscular Relaxation techniques to improve those muscles!

Vol 8, Issue 1 – Inhale, Exhale. And Repeat!

Vol 8, Issue 2 – Relax with Breathing

Pain, Misdirected

Sometimes pain or discomfort in your back is a sign of a muscle strain. But be aware the discomfort could be a sign of referred pain from an internal organ. For the mid-back these organs may include the lungs, liver, gallbladder, and pancreas. Check out these signs to help determine the difference and consult with your physician for further help.

Vol 7, Issue 23 – Abdominal Pain or Muscle Strain

‘Reel-ieve’ Your Back Pain

You know we have those videos, too! Check out these visual aides to further the relief of mid-back discomfort. Just because these exercises seem to focus on different body parts, doesn’t mean it can’t help your back. Remember, it’s all connected!

Shoulder Rows | V W ExerciseHow to Use A Tennis Ball for Massage

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For more helpful information on your back, check out these additional resources to encourage better back health and prevent an injury!

Fanny Packs Over Bad Backs, Vol 8, Issue 45

The Cost of Injury: The Back, Vol 8, Issue 23

Stretch it out, move with ease

Strengthen those muscles, won’t you please?

With good posture and proper form

You’ll keep your mid-back safe and warm

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