By Trevor Addison, ATC

We know, you’ve heard it before: Donate blood and save a life! You may not know how true those words are. In actuality, one donation can save up to three lives. This means plenty of people must be donating, right? There should be plenty of supply. Do they really need YOUR blood?

By the Numbers

An estimated 9 out of 10 people will receive a blood transfusion by the time they reach age 70, but only about 10% of eligible people will have ever donated blood, and even those rates are dropping. Here’s the big kicker though: only around 37% of people are eligible to donate in the first place. Blood donations are trickling in while the supply is pouring out.

Once a Year

As a result, this life-sustaining red liquid is in dangerously short supply, and cannot be artificially produced, which is why we need you! If everyone who is eligible committed to donate once a year, there would be more than enough supply. Do your ‘once-a-year’ part! Don’t know if you’re eligible? Just sign up! You’ll be asked questions and given a minor physical exam to ensure you can safely donate, and that your blood is safe to use. Find a local blood drive!



Before you donate:

– Make sure you’re well fed and hydrated.

– Plan ahead! You won’t be able to perform physical labor or operate heavy machinery after donating. You should also wait to make sure you feel okay before driving.

After you donate:

– Have a snack right after and be sure not to skimp on your next meal. Iron-rich foods (like beef, seafood, poultry, pork, spinach, and beans) are a plus!

– Have 4 glasses of water shortly after donating to stay hydrated.

– Keep your bandage on and dry for 4 hours.

– If you feel lightheaded or dizzy, stop what you are doing, lay down, and put your feet up until you feel better!

– Bask in the knowledge that you have impacted someone’s life!

Our world. Our responsibility.

So, while donate blood and save a life is accurate, it doesn’t quite speak to the urgency of the matter. At Work Right, we make giving back a priority. No action is too small. And even the small action of giving blood annually can make the world a better place.



About Trevor Addison, MS, ATC
Trevor is a Certified Athletic Trainer in the Central Oregon area who has been practicing since 2015, transitioning from athletics to the industrial setting in 2019. As an avid outdoorsman and craft beer lover, if he’s not in the clinic, you’ll find him on a trail, slope, or at a local brewery!

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