It’s that time again, Industrial Athletes. Work Right preaches prevention and this month our focus is on the ball and socket joint – the shoulder! When it comes to work, there isn’t much your shoulders don’t play a role in. To take the weight off of your shoulders, we’ve taken the best of all of those tips, tricks, strategies, warm-ups, exercises, and stretches we know will help you in your everyday work and placed them into this all-in-one reference sheet to keep you safe at work. 

Shoulder Strategies

Whether you are on your feet all day or one of our desk athletes, proper warm up and microbreaks lead to better posture and less aches and pains in your shoulders. Check out these resources to guide you through a more pain-free and efficient work day!

Stretch, Flex, and Warm Up | Microbreak Strategies

Humerus and Watch These

Need something more than an infographic or a brochure? How about some videos? Each of these resources teaches on the importance of shoulder strength for everyday tasks. Proper warm-up and proper posture all lead to reduced risk of shoulder injury.

Workday Basic 5: Shoulder | Head 2 Head Shoulder Challenge | Four Ways to Prevent a Shoulder Injury

The Power of Prevention

With so many resources aimed at preventing those shoulder injuries, how about another thought. Prevent a shoulder injury and save money! Check out these prior Industrial Athlete Digest issues covering the cost of injury and why prevention is so important.

Vol 8, Issue 17 | Vol 7, Issue 31

Industrial Sports Medicine

Don’t forget our handy guide to all things Shoulder! Shoulder injuries are the second most likely injury in the workplace after the back. Ask your onsite Injury Prevention Specialist for a copy of these references for stretches and exercises on helping with shoulder issues.

Where Do You Carry Your Stress?

Tension through the trapezius muscle can contribute to neck and shoulder pain. Try this exercise to unload that stress!

PPT/TV Slide

Prefer Print?

Ask your onsite clinician if you prefer a print version of these resources. They’ll be happy to help!

Be sure to check out our other blogs for further injury prevention education and tips for the industrial athlete from Work Right NW!