Injuries to your funny bone are no laughing matter, but rest assured you’re rubbing elbows with the RIGHT experts with Work Right! We’ve compiled our top-notch resources specifically for the elbow – turns out we have a whole room dedicated to them – to arm you with the best education in preventing these types of injuries. Elbow in to the conversation and learn a thing or two you can use in your day-to-day activities!

The Season of the Elbow

With the warmer spring weather, it’s topical to bring up two elbow injuries associated with sports – golf and tennis! Golfer’s and tennis elbow are the theme in this newsletter throwback. Even if you’re not an aficionado of one of these activities, the repetitive motions which cause these injuries are common in the workplace. Vol 4, Issue 24

Armed and Ready

If you’re aiming to prevent injuries, you have to put in the work! Take a look at these video resources to what can be done as you feel fatigue and discomfort in your arm. We’ve included a video on hand and wrist stretches as well because the pain felt here tends to move up and down the arm around the elbow too! 2 Way Forearm StretchHand + Wrist Video

A Jolt to Your Funny Bone

The median, radial, and ulnar nerves control strength and sensation throughout our elbow, wrist, hand, and fingers. Decrease discomfort and injury risk throughout the arm with these simple nerve and tendon glide exercises.

Nerve Mobilization Exercises | Ulnar Nerve | Radial Nerve | Median Nerve

One More Elbow Bump

PREPARED Elbows In Thumbs Up When Lifting:

As Work Right strives to keep you PREPARED at work, don’t forget (E) Elbows In and Thumbs Up when reaching or lifting. It puts our upper body in the most advantageous position for safe and effective lifting.

Keeping the position of our elbows and thumbs in mind as well as keeping our arms closer to our body helps to lower the stress on the entire arm and prevent injury! Vol 3, Issue 19

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