by Aaron Weidman, MS, ATC, CEAS

The holidays. Shopping season. What do you get for the person in your life that has everything? Well, if they’re an industrial athlete (IA), let Work Right help! So, let’s set some ground rules for your holiday shopping list. That brand new car, the precious pooch, nor the 95” 8K OLED TV will be included on this list. Think of this more as a stocking stuffer or great gift guide. Let me be your IA gift giving guru… your green polo-wearing Santa, if you will. PSA – share with your loved ones for ideas!

Make The List. Check It Twice.

Superfeet Insoles: Your IA is on their feet all day. Let’s get them some insoles for their shoes that will make their feet more comfortable and their whole body, too!

Lacrosse Ball/Tennis Ball: This is a simple one to help them work out those knots and muscle tension. Plus, this helps keep the toe of their stocking perfectly shaped and ready for an IG photo.

Massage Gun: Not a stocking stuffer, but a great gift to help your IA recover from long days to ease aches and pains.

A new water bottle: Hydration is key, and let’s face it, having a water bottle handy is an easy way for you to maintain hydration without constant trips to the water cooler.

Safety Glasses: If your IA has to wear safety glasses everyday, then this is a great addition. It’s guaranteed their pair are badly scratched if they’re in constant use! Check out a new style or frame shape to switch things up for the new year ahead.

Exercise bands: These small and portable strength training tools are back in stock at EquipRight! #strongisneverwrong

Safety Toe Footwear: Ok, we can be getting pricey here. But, just like safety glasses, the IA’s PPE should always be [E] Evaluated and updated regularly. Having a second pair to swap out during the week will also help prevent foot pain!

Warm gloves/hats/socks: Not all IAs work inside and the ones who don’t will never turn down a new pair of gloves, socks, or a hat to keep them warm on the job.

Cooling towels and sun protection: On the flip side, for those in warm climates some new cooling gear or sun protection will always be welcome.

Reusable ice pack/heat pack: A great way to help them [D] Debrief and Recuperate after a long day on the job.

An onsite visit with a Work Right Injury Prevention Specialist: Set them up with a New Year’s Resolution by giving them a visit with a professional who can help assess and get them started on the right track. The best part? It’s a free service their company already provides! Let them know you care and want them to be healthy.

A new coffee cup: Last, but certainly not least, a new java mug will keep your favorite IA’s hot coffee hot on cold days, or their cold coffee cold on hot days (my preferred temperature mixture).

Keep your IA PREPARED this holiday season and give the gift of injury prevention to those you care for the most!

Aaron Weidman, MS, ATC, CEAS || Aaron is a Certified Athletic Trainer in the Normal, IL area. Aaron has spent his career helping athletes, patients, and team members prevent and recover from injuries and is passionate about prevention. When Aaron isn’t at work he enjoys traveling with his wife, touring with Taylor Swift, or at home spoiling their Scottish Terrier, Zoey.

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