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Newsletters, Vol. 10

Newsletter Vol. 10 Issue 24

This week, we spotlight the importance of self-care for men. Why should prioritizing your own health be essential before effectively supporting others? From the necessity of wellness checks to incorporating exercise into your routine, and the influence of being a positive role model, read ahead for insights in maintaining your health and well-being during Men’s Health Month.

Newsletter Vol. 10 Issue 23

This June, we’re diving into ‘Ken-jury Prevention’ for Men’s Health Month. Our focus this week? Routine wellness checks. Many men skip these vital screenings, but they are essential for long-term health. Discover why regular checkups and preventive care are key to staying strong and healthy. Ready to tap into your Ken-ergy?

Newsletter Vol. 10 Issue 22

As we close out Women’s Health Month, we’re shining a light on Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS), a condition that disproportionately affects women. TOS can cause significant discomfort and impact daily life, but awareness and the right strategies can make a world of difference. Join us in exploring the unique challenges women face with TOS and learn how proper support and effective exercises can help prevent and manage this condition.

Newsletter Vol. 10 Issue 21

This week, we highlight women’s nutrition and uncover the vital vitamins and nutrients every woman needs for optimal health. Learn which specific foods can help combat illnesses more prevalent in women, and find out how to incorporate these nutritional powerhouses into your daily diet. Let’s make informed choices for a healthier, stronger you.

Newsletter Vol. 10 Issue 20

In further recognition of Women’s Health Month, we’re exploring the ‘Pink Tax’ – the extra cost women bear for everyday products and the disproportionate amount of time they spend on daily responsibilities. Join us as we discover how these disparities affect women at home and in the workplace, and let’s encourage a deeper understanding and action among all our colleagues to support fairness in both personal and professional spheres.

Newsletter Vol. 10 Issue 19

In our next installment on Women’s Health, we’re tackling postpartum core recovery – an essential yet challenging aspect of motherhood. Discover practical steps for an industrial athlete to take to rebuild strength and prevent diastasis recti, from posture tips to gentle core exercises.

Newsletter Vol. 10 Issue 18

May marks a special focus on Women’s Health at Work Right. To begin this spotlight, we’re advocating for the importance of regular wellness exams! Remember, signs and symptoms of certain common health conditions can present differently in women compared to men. Learn more in this week’s Digest!

Newsletter Vol. 10 Issue 17

April is buzzing with green initiatives at Work Right NW! It’s not too late to join our Eco Bingo Challenge—ask your onsite clinician how to take part in the last few days of Earth Month. Embracing sustainability can be as simple as starting with “micro greens,” small steps that make a big impact. Learn how in this week’s Digest and let’s grow our green habits together!

Newsletter Vol. 10 Issue 16

Who knew the hardest part of being an adult would be figuring out what to cook for dinner every single night for the rest of your life until you die? We all recognize the daunting daily task of what to make for dinner. It’s the inevitable and unenviable challenge we all face every day. We don’t have all the answers on what should be on your menu, but we’ll try to make it easier with some tips that will help save you time and help the planet along the way.

Newsletter Vol. 10 Issue 15

You’ll probably recognize a similar theme with our Digest topics this month – small changes can make a big impact! While we hope you see the similarity with preventing injuries, we also think injury prevention extends to the world we all live in, too. This week, check out a few innovative strategies for reducing food waste in your kitchen, one dish at a time. Ready to take a bite?

Newsletter Vol. 10 Issue 14

With the turn of the seasons to Spring, Work Right is focusing on Building Our World in April. Discover how we’re embracing the spirit of Earth Month and finding new ways to nurture our planet for a green(er) future in this week’s Digest. And, don’t overlook the Eco Bingo Challenge embedded in the newsletter or ask your onsite clinician for a printout.

Newsletter Vol. 10 Issue 13

Well, not quite. While this mantra is a well-used platitude for perseverance, it’s not something recommended for your day-to-day tasks. It’s very possible that pain will continue if you don’t learn anything from why you might be feeling pain in the first place, right? This week, we’re tackling misconceptions about pain and injuries, and keeping you aware of the difference between fact and fiction!

Newsletter Vol. 10 Issue 12

This week, we’re coming at you with awareness information that’s part Bruce Wayne, part Bruce Willis, and part Bruce Vilanch. Stay two steps ahead of danger and unlock secrets to staying sharp, staying safe, and mastering the unseen in this week’s Digest all about situational awareness!

Newsletter Vol. 10 Issue 11

Risk takes shape in many forms. As Injury Prevention Specialists, we can hope that risk takes form in things like repetitive motions or the errant use of a ladder. Not that those are good risks, but we can certainly spot them easily. Mental health risk is overwhelmingly prevalent in the industrial setting, and yet difficult to see. How do we build awareness around an unseen risk? And then what do we do if we’re able to spot it?

Newsletter Vol. 10 Issue 10

As we’ve mentioned already in this year’s Digest, mental resilience can be as vital as physical strength in the lives of industrial athletes. Practicing mindfulness offers moments of clarity, enhanced focus, and reduced stress amidst the hustle. Best of all, all it requires is your mind and just a couple of minutes of time. Get your mind right!

Newsletter Vol. 10 Issue 9

We’re shedding light on the shared ethos of military precision and industrial athleticism in this week’s Digest. Serving as a foundational bedrock for strength, resilience, and injury prevention in both military and industrial arenas, this topic will have you standing tall!

Newsletter Vol. 10 Issue 8

Neck pain and soreness is not uncommon in the industrial setting. But for jobs that require holding our heads in positions for long periods of time, the soreness might be from something called Upper Crossed Syndrome. What is it, you ask? Or even better, how can we avoid it!? Asked and answered in this week’s Digest! 

Newsletter Vol. 10 Issue 7

If we’re going to improve our posture, we need to be mindful of how much we sit during the day – yes, this includes machine operators and truck drivers! Stand up to sitting in this week’s Digest and learn how you can prevent health risks and injuries associated with sedentary job tasks.

Newsletter Vol. 10 Issue 6

In the industrial setting, we don’t posture just for show. Posturing is about taking a stand against sprains and strains in our workday tasks. So, take a look at how your posture plays a role in preventing injuries and keep in good standing!

Newsletter Vol. 10 Issue 5

In the complex dance of safety of injury prevention, this month’s theme on Building Strength takes a unique turn – questioning the relationship between pressure and balance. Is this a time we need more pressure in our lives? Discover the fascinating equilibrium between these elements in this week’s topic!

Newsletter Vol. 10 Issue 4

The last installment to this month’s Building Strength series is a bit strange – odd, even. What other steps can we take to gain strength? It would be peculiar if it was something  so easy, right? Good news. It is! 

Newsletter Vol. 10 Issue 3

Building mental strength can be just as important as building physical strength. For the industrial athlete in labor-intensive jobs, prioritize your mind to overcome challenges, handle stress, and balance work and family.

Newsletter Vol. 10 Issue 2

For industrial athletes, our arms are vital in our everyday tasks. We push, we pull, we lift, and we carry with the strength of our arms (along with other muscle groups too). With so much motion and use, stretching those achy arm muscles can be helpful. But strengthening them can also help you to work faster and longer with reduced risk for injury!

Newsletter Vol. 10 Issue 1

Your core is foundational to the strength of your entire body. Just like a building needs a sturdy foundation to support its weight, our bodies need a strong foundation to support our movements and prevent injuries. So, it just makes sense to lead off the new year discussing a strong foundation for what we’re Building Together in 2024!

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