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Newsletters, Vol. 10

Newsletter Vol. 10 Issue 8


Newsletter Vol. 10 Issue 7

If we’re going to improve our posture, we need to be mindful of how much we sit during the day – yes, this includes machine operators and truck drivers! Stand up to sitting in this week’s Digest and learn how you can prevent health risks and injuries associated with sedentary job tasks.

Newsletter Vol. 10 Issue 6

In the industrial setting, we don’t posture just for show. Posturing is about taking a stand against sprains and strains in our workday tasks. So, take a look at how your posture plays a role in preventing injuries and keep in good standing!

Newsletter Vol. 10 Issue 5

In the complex dance of safety of injury prevention, this month’s theme on Building Strength takes a unique turn – questioning the relationship between pressure and balance. Is this a time we need more pressure in our lives? Discover the fascinating equilibrium between these elements in this week’s topic!

Newsletter Vol. 10 Issue 4

The last installment to this month’s Building Strength series is a bit strange – odd, even. What other steps can we take to gain strength? It would be peculiar if it was something  so easy, right? Good news. It is! 

Newsletter Vol. 10 Issue 3

Building mental strength can be just as important as building physical strength. For the industrial athlete in labor-intensive jobs, prioritize your mind to overcome challenges, handle stress, and balance work and family.

Newsletter Vol. 10 Issue 2

For industrial athletes, our arms are vital in our everyday tasks. We push, we pull, we lift, and we carry with the strength of our arms (along with other muscle groups too). With so much motion and use, stretching those achy arm muscles can be helpful. But strengthening them can also help you to work faster and longer with reduced risk for injury!

Newsletter Vol. 10 Issue 1

Your core is foundational to the strength of your entire body. Just like a building needs a sturdy foundation to support its weight, our bodies need a strong foundation to support our movements and prevent injuries. So, it just makes sense to lead off the new year discussing a strong foundation for what we’re Building Together in 2024!

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