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Dinner? Again? Seems Excessive…

by Casee Yarborough, LAT, ATC Let’s keep building healthy habits together! Not only healthy habits for our bodies, but also healthy habits for the earth. One healthy habit to nail down is meal planning. Meal planning and meal prepping can look different person to person. Why Meal Plan And Meal

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From Plate To Planet

by Peyton Mayberry, LAT, ATC Ever stop to ponder the journey of your food from fridge to fork? You’re not alone if the answer is ‘rarely.’ But here’s the reality: our daily meals often come with a side of waste – excess accoutrement, if you will. From overlooked leftovers to

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Building Our World

by Marta Borkova, PT, DPT Spring is here, and with it comes a time of new growth and renewal. The cold, dark days are receding, the ground and air thaw and begin to stir with new life. Even our bodies begin to transition from winter hibernation and energy conservation, to

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