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Pain Puzzles: Fact and Fiction

by Ashley Shoemaker, MHA, ATC Oww! A grimace. Eyes squeeze shut. Muscles tense. Frustration brews, patience wanes, and a sense of helplessness looms. Sound familiar? About 51 million Americans experience pain that interferes with their daily lives and thousands sustain injuries at work or home every day. And, even though the sense

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Awareness Level Midnight

by Alex Schmaltz, LAT, ATC Situational awareness is no joke. It’s a critical, on-the-job skill that helps to identify hazards, make effective decisions, and prevent accidents. Avoid the cleanup on aisle 5 and mop the ice with those injury risks! Slam Method Situational awareness involves being able to perceive, understand, and

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Cognizant of the Risk

by Rachel Reichel, MS, CEAS, NREMT, LAT, ATCand Katie Ringenary, MS, LAT, ATC As industrial athletes, we weave through a spectrum of daily encounters from a loving family member, to a helpful neighbor, a familiar coffee shop barista, a friendly gym buddy, and a compassionate work colleague. Even within this

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Get Your Mind Right

by Savannah Peters, MS, ATC, LAT Whether you’re older or younger, big or small, novice or seasoned yogi (yoga master) there’s a space for mindfulness to have a positive impact in your life. The benefits of being mindful are available to all who have the time to practice their skills.

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