with Tracy Stendardo, Vice President Risk Control
at Captive Resources, LLC

Tracy Stendardo has over 20 years of experience in Safety, Health, and Claims management. Tracy is the Vice President of Risk Control for Captive Resources; her responsibilities include organizing and overseeing the safety and loss prevention services for over 500 member companies. She provides quality assurance on the delivery of safety/loss prevention and claims management services while building and maintaining relationships between members, service providers, and consultants. Tracy is responsible for organizing and facilitating Risk and Claims workshops for her members, and to date, has put together over 25 successful workshops. Before joining Captive Resources, she was a Regional Safety Manager for Pepsico Frito-Lay and a Safety Consultant for Exel Logistics.    

Topics addressed in this episode:

 – Innovations with Impact – embracing a culture to develop new ideas along with the patience to try

 – Impact of engaged leadership 

 – Innovations that impact Captive membership

 – The Great Resignation – Hiring Trends

 – How the younger generation works differently

 – The Future of Innovations – Wearables and VR/AR Technology

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