Rachael Cooper

Email: rachael.cooper@nsc.org

Contact phone: 630-373-7981

At the National Safety Council, Rachael Cooper manages the multi-level Opioids at Work initiative, helping employers understand the role they play in the opioid epidemic. She assists employers as they ensure their employees and workplaces are safe and supported throughout any experiences they have with opioids, opioid use disorder, and overdose.

Topics addressed in this episode:

  • Keeping workplaces safe in regards to substance use disorder
  • 2020 NSC goals: Helping employers implement opioid recommendations from the 2019 updated “tool kit
  • How substance use recently has impacted with workplace
  • Substance use calculator and effect on finances, absenteeism, health care cost
  • Beyond 2020: The general substance use conversations…outside of opioids
  • The expectations of marijuana use in states that have legalized the substance
  • There is no impairment test for cannabis, so what to do?
  • Where NSC medical professionals fit into the prevention of opioid use
  • How do we tackle a culture of trust & support in prevention for substance abuse?
  • Rachel’s 2 takeaways on stereotypes & stigmas