Dr. Richard Sesek, PhD, CSP, MPH, CPE
Tim Cook Associate Professor at Auburn University

Dr. Susek holds a PHD in Mechanical Engineering focusing on Ergonomics and Safety, as well as a Masters in Public Health from the University of Utah. He has been a faculty member of the famed Auburn Industrial & Systems Engineering Department since 2009 & holds the prestigious title of “Tim Cook Professor” at Auburn University. He is also a certified professional ergonomist with a passion for industrial ergonomics, human factors, engineering psychology, as well as ergonomic modeling. He has published over 40 times and has been a linchpin on the national speaking circuit – presenting on topics from Ergonomic Modeling to Respecting People in Lean Operations, just to name a few!

Topics addressed in this episode:
– Leading through innovation in the ergonomics and occupational safety setting and what that really means
– Why we need to incorporate overall physical and mental health into safety and the relationship between this to injury prevention in the work setting.
– The barriers he has experienced implementing wearable technology in the workplace
– What does “AI: Artificial Intelligence” mean for the workplace
– What psychosocial awareness means to injury prevention in the workplace
– What he believes are the biggest opportunities for impact in the workplace in the next 5 years.

Listen here: