Greg Stone, Founder, GMS Leadership Consulting

Greg Stone, the founder of GMS Leadership Consulting, is a medical graduate from the University of Sydney, Australia, and a specialist in both Internal and Occupational Medicine.

His career in occupational medicine evolved into broader general management roles in Australia and subsequently the US.

He became the health and safety director for a global automotive company for 16 years followed by the learning and development leader for manufacturing for 3 more years.

Since retiring from full-time roles, he has consulted in multiple organizations and industries on health and safety leadership, leadership coaching, and development.

His focus is on leadership capability, employee engagement, and system integrity.

Topics addressed in this episode:

  • The importance of effective leadership within a safety program
  • Greg Stone’s 5 C’s of leadership
  • How a crisis can create more cohesion if you lead it right
  • How early intervention can help with injury prevention
  • The barriers to success within health and safety
  • What you can do this week to begin to change your safety culture