Dr. Andrew Ronchi, PhD, CEO dorsaVi

Andrew’s background includes 20 years of clinical experience in building private practice physical therapy centers, collaborating with large corporations in workplace health, and with elite sporting groups. Prior to co-founding dorsaVi, Andrew completed a PhD in Computer and Systems Engineering, investigating the reliability and validity of using wearable sensors to measure complex human movement, muscle activity, and load on the body.

In Andrew’s role as CEO for dorsaVi, his passion continues to be developing new human movement technology applications and commercializing them to optimize movement and productivity, improve health, and reduce injuries in the workplace.

Topics addressed in this episode:
– Proactive vs reactive medicine
– Wearable technology within the workplace and how this contributes to injury prevention as well as proactive wellness education
– Overcoming barriers with wearable technology in the workplace
– Key steps to success with wearable technology
– What does the future of innovation within wearable technology look like in the workplace