Jonathan Parnell, SVP of product development, and Zack Parnell, CEO of Industrial Training International (ITI), talk with us on innovation within training, specifically in regards to crane and rigging training using Virtual Reality (VR). ITI was founded in 1986 and is one of Inc5000 fastest growing companies in 2020. They were awarded the Liberty Mutual Safety Innovation Award in construction for their VR Construction Hazard ID platform. They regularly collaborate with some of the largest players in the construction space including Bechtel and Kiewit, among others. Whether or not you or your company has a need for training within the crane and rigging space, the discussion on the utilization of VR in the workplace setting is going to be of benefit. As Jonathan and Zack mention within this episode, there are pro’s and con’s to using VR for training but when done right, the pros far outweigh the cons.  While compliance is paramount, employers are not looking at just checking a box. They are looking for their employees to be competent at what they are doing. Ensuring that the skills are in place is necessary before putting workers on a job site. A multiple-choice test is not going to give workers the skills they need.

Topics addressed in this episode:

  • VR used for training within the industrial workplace
  • Why skill training outweighs compliance training
  • Ability to remotely train with skills-building using VR
  • The pitfalls with using VR Consider the problem first instead of the initiative
  • What other aspects to consider when thinking about implementing VR for training