Dr. Ali Alhimiri of Modus

Founder, CEO, CMO at Modus

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Physician (Doctor of Function) who has been providing cost-effective, high quality care to thousands of patients in Southeast Michigan since 2002. His experience in treating patients with pain and loss of function led directly to the development of MODUS, a patented value-based digital health technology that enables employers to find, rate and reward physicians who serve patients’ and employers’ best interests.


Topics addressed in this episode:

  • How to get better care when people are injured
  • Understanding how to integrate prevention into our current fee for service model
  • Addressing “healthcare” instead of “sick care”
  • Understanding the extremes of payment models in the current healthcare system
  • The dangers of physicians using fear factors to guide healthcare
  • Why there is often more volume of treatment in occupational settings and how this incentivizes physicians 
  • How Modus uses publicly held data to find a trust score for doctors, minimize poor outcomes, and higher expenses