Work Right Northwest Injury Prevention

About Work Right’s Wearable Tech Assessment

Establishing the demands of work tasks are important when considering the development of ergonomic programs and opportunities for performance enhancement and training. Ensuring worker success will not only prevent injury but increase productivity.

What this assessment will help you with:

Non-invasive wireless technology

Sophisticated technology allows innovative risk assessment and analysis of physical work tasks based on a complete cycle of a defined task.

Sensor Technology allows precise assessment of not only the task but the risk of injury with repetitive motion and overexertion.

Results by work task are compiled in a summary report with pre and post-risk control scores as well as additional supporting information.

Wearable tech, overhead work

Your Wearable Tech Workshop Slide-deck
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Playbook Mockup 2

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Your Playbook is your go to for a breakdown of recommendations on injury prevention with each task assessed as well as recommendations on tool box talks, micro-stretching, and ergonomic fixes.

It Hurts!
What to do

Check out our subscription service keeping you updated on a weekly basis with a newsletter targeted to the challenges of the industrial athlete. Subscribers also have access to first aid recommendations for each area of the body, various micro-stretching and pre-shift prep routines, and a variety of toolbox talks targeted to musculoskeletal injury prevention.

The first 90 days of employment are critical to establishing good habits and educating the new worker. The highest risk period of time for a new worker is the first 90 days after hire. This is no different than an athlete starting their season. An athlete would not begin full season or games training without proper preparation. Interested in hearing how to best prepare your new hires? Check out our 90 Day Program.

Ready to take the next step and develop injury prevention leaders at your workplace? Check out our PREPARED Train the Trainer program. Our program is a training process that engages employees with the understanding that they are an “Industrial Athlete” and need to think of their bodies as an athlete would. The process of PREPARED is a start to finish daily checklist that integrates ergonomic coaching, proper physical preparation, and general risk mitigation methods to ensure daily success.