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We Can Do It: Healthier Together

by Krystina Aguilera, MS, ATC, CSCS Each year, the Department of Health and Human Services dedicates the week starting at Mother’s Day (this year from May 12th to 18th) to spotlighting the unique health concerns of women. To do our part, we’re working to go a step further and turn

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What To Expect After Expecting

by Andrea Jervinis, ATC Postpartum, also known as the fourth trimester, can be a difficult time for most women for many various reasons. The body has gone through a natural “trauma” delivering a baby (or multiple babies 😳) and requires recovery. Some women Industrial Athletes may need to jump back

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What To Stretch When You’re Expecting

by Andrea Jervinis, ATC Pregnancy. At the end, you hold a beautiful new baby in your arms. But the 40 weeks prior to that day, you and your body are going through a lot of changes – physically, hormonally, and physiologically. And while those changes are occurring, you are still

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