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The Cost of Injury: The Back

by WRNW We are back with saving you money. Last month we discussed the cost of shoulder injuries. This week we will educate you about back injuries. General back injury is one of the enterprise’s most expensive types of injuries. Specifically, low back pain is widespread, with 8 out of

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The Cost of Injury: The Foot

by WRNW   It’s a literal pain to get back on your feet after a foot injury. In fact, the foot is one of the top five body parts attributing to work days lost. In continuation of our Cost of Injury* series, let’s dive deeper in the cost of foot

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The Cost of Injury: The Wrist

by WRNW This month’s installment of The Cost of Injury* focuses on a part of your body with an abundance of bones, ligaments, joints, and tendons – the wrist. With so many working parts, it’s no wonder wrist injuries happen easily and with glaring frequency. So let’s dive into common

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The Cost Of Injury: The Knee

  We return to our Cost of Injury* series this month with a new breakdown of injury costs – this time spotlighting the knee. A knee injury can happen due to any number of physical activities that involve repeated stress or improper use, but can also include accidents, or falls,

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