by Aaron Weidman, MS, ATC, CEAS

Men’s Health tends to be a bit like Fight Club. How, you ask? Well, the 1st and 2nd rule of Men’s Health are similar to those of Fight Club – “You do not talk about Men’s Health!” We’re working on breaking through the stigma of that rule this month and recognizing the need for discussing the ever-present need to prioritize our health. This week, it’s shoulder health. Our shoulders are such a unique joint in the body because they are so mobile yet so unstable.

Think of your shoulder like a golf ball sitting on a tee, but that’s just one of the 4 joints that make up our shoulders (GlenoHumeral – GH, SternoClavicular – SC, AcromioClavicular – AC, and Scapulothoracic – ST). In order for your shoulder to function properly, you need all 4 of those joints to be in tip top shape. So let’s get you there with some Ken-jury prevention tips and tricks to help the industrial athlete both at work and at home.

Elbows In & Thumbs Up When Reaching

  • One of the core principles of PREPARED ergonomics – this arm position will keep your shoulder in the optimum position and out of the impingement zone.

Sleeping Position

  • Try to avoid a sleeping position that elevates your arms overhead especially if you’re sleeping on your side. Keep your arm out from under your pillow to avoid all that abduction and internal rotation which can cause impingement. We spend 6-8 hours per night sleeping and if the shoulder is constantly in an impinged position, we are setting ourselves up for injury.


Not only will this help prevent injuries, it will also provide you with sculpted shoulders that will look great while wearing those cut off shirts.

  • Is, Ys, and Ts – This set of exercises will help stabilize your scapula and allow your shoulder joints to move properly.
  • Internal & External Rotation – Use a band to do these exercises to help strengthen your rotator cuff so you can work overhead or play catch with your kids in the backyard.
  • Serratus Press – Using the same band, work on your scapular protractors too. It’s very important to maintain balance when strengthening your shoulders. Yin and Yang stuff!!
  • Theraband Pullover – Again, working on balance when it comes to shoulder strength. You can’t just work on those show muscles.


Now that we’ve strengthened our shoulders and added STA-bility, lets work on maintaining our MO-bility.

  • Foam Roller Pec stretch – This will help counteract the pec fly and bench pressing you do at the gym. Remember, it’s not all about those mirror muscles.
  • Sleeper Stretch – A great way to maintain your shoulder mobility and maybe help you not be quite as sore after that round of batting practice you threw the other night at your kid’s practice.

When it comes to Ken-jury Prevention of the shoulder this is a good place to start. Now go have some pain free time at your job at ‘beach’ or some fun in the backyard of your mojo dojo casa house.

Aaron Weidman, MS, ATC, CEAS || Aaron is a Certified Athletic Trainer in the Normal, IL area. Aaron has spent his career helping athletes, patients, and team members prevent and recover from injuries and is passionate about prevention. When Aaron isn’t at work he enjoys traveling with his wife, touring with Taylor Swift, or at home spoiling their Scottish Terrier, Zoey.

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