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WRNW Pre Shift Prep Program

The Daily Prep

If you are looking for a daily prep to get started off on the right foot, look no further! Try out this program to start your day and use a stretch or 2 throughout your day to keep you moving along. 

Looking for something more customized to your work? Check in with your Work Right Injury Prevention Specialist for a routine just right for you!

Wondering how to perform each stretch or exercise, follow along below!



Marching OR High Knees

March in place with high knees to warm up the hips and legs.

Side Step OR Shuffle

Either walking or shuffling, side step to your right, then off to your left.

Butt Kicks

Pull your heel back towards your butt, alternating legs to warm up the thigh and knees.


Standing on one foot, bring your opposite knee up to hip height and rotate the leg (keeping the knee bent) in a clockwise direction.

Hip IN

Standing on one foot, bring your opposite knee up to hip height and rotate the leg (keeping the knee bent) in a counterclockwise direction.

Toe Raise

In a standing position with hands on hips OR against a wall or counter for support, push up onto your toes as high as possible. Hold at the top for a second, then slowly lower your heels.

Stir The Pot

Leaning one forearm on the same side thigh, let your opposite arm hang down towards the floor. Swing your hanging arm around in a circle clockwise, then counterclockwise.

Shoulder Rolls

Roll your shoulders up toward your ears and then down and back, squeezing shoulder blades together.

Shoulder Blade Squeeze

To offload tension through the shoulders and upper back, practice good posture, and stretch the anterior chest, squeeze your shoulder blades together, pulling them down and back.

Dynamic Hug

Start with open arms and a shoulder blade squeeze, then bring arms into a hug alternating the top arm with each repetition to warm up the shoulders and chest.

Dynamic Strength

Designed to build STRENGTH and BALANCE!


With feet hip width apart, put your weight into your heels and sit back into a squat. Keep your chest up and knees in line with the feet.

Step BACK Lunge

Standing with your feet together, take a big step backwards and bend both knees to 90 degrees. Return to your starting position and repeat on the other leg. Hold onto dumbbells for an extra challenge!

Side Lunge

To increase strength and mobility in your hips and legs, step off to one side, drop your hips back into a side lunge. Try to keep your front knee over your ankle, and push down through your heel, then squeeze your glutes to raise back to standing.


Designed to increase FLEXIBILITY, MOBILIZE NERVES, and PREPARE for the day!

Posterior Shoulder Stretch

Bring arm up to shoulder height. Use your opposite hand to pull your arm straight across your chest until you feel a stretch behind your shoulder and in your upper back.

Pec/Chest Stretch

Clasp both hands behind the back . Slowly elevate your hands while holding your shoulders back to feel a stretch in the front of the chest.

Median Nerve Mobilization

Begin with your hand touching your upper shoulder and head tilted away. Moving everything together, side bend your head and extend your arm straight, extending your wrist to point fingers towards the floor. Repeat the glide.

median nerve glide

Low Back Extension

Place your hands on your hips and lean back to extend back through your lower spine. Hold briefly and return to neutral.

Sciatic Nerve Mobilization

Keeping spine straight, sit hips back with one leg extended forward and toes up. “Pump” ankles back and forth flexing and pointing the toes.

Sciatic nerve glide in standing

Hamstring Stretch

Extend one leg out in front, toes up and sit back onto a stretch for the front leg. Keep your chest up. Repeat on the other side.

Figure 4 Stretch

In a standing position, cross your ankle over your opposite knee and sit your hips back with chest forward.

Hip Flexor Stretch with Wrist Rotation

Standing in a lunge stance with the front knee bent and back knee straight, lean slightly back to feel a stretch at the front of the hip and in the calf. At the same time, rotate your wrists clockwise then counterclockwise.

Looking for Something Else?

In a standing position, cross your ankle over your opposite knee and sit your hips back with chest forward.

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