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Musculoskeletal-related symptoms

Mild discomfort/soreness

Muscle tension, fatigue, and/or soreness

General overuse caused by repetitive factors

Work & Non-Work Related injuries

We Can Also Help With

Strengthening & Stretching programs

Ergonomic coaching

General wellness education (i.e. nutrition, sleep, hydration, etc.)

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5:00 am – 9:00 am

5:00 am – 9:00 am

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Meet YOUR Work Right Clinicians

Meet Nick, your Work Right Injury Prevention Specialist!

Nick Critchfield is an Athletic Trainer in the Cleveland, Ohio area. He graduated Kent State University in 2016 and opted to start his professional career instead of continuing his education. He worked in a physical therapy setting for about 3 years before transitioning to a high school setting for about 2 years. Throughout this time he also worked a part time industrial athletic training position where he learned the unique differences of the industrial setting. He’s currently a full time Injury Prevention Specialist in Akron, Ohio and a part time Injury Prevention Specialist for Work Right in Chardon, Ohio. When not working, he enjoys watching any and all Cleveland sports (including the Browns) and smoking meats on his smoker.

Pre-Shift Preparation

Your Pre-Shift Warm UP and Microstretching recommendations, designed by your onsite Injury Prevention Specialists.
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Self-Care Guide to Injury Prevention

It Hurts!
What To Do

Check out our guides on self-care for every part of the body. Have tightness, stiffness, achiness or pain? Find your area of aggravation and read our recommendations. Have additional questions, schedule an appointment!

Industrial Athlete Digest: Wellness and Safety Tips from Work Right NW

Industrial Athlete Newsletter

Each week we publish a newsletter with tips on wellness for the industrial athlete. Check out the current week or any past issues for recommendations on anything from the importance of hearing protection to the benefits of yoga!

The Industrial Athlete's Daily Checklist


Not sure what this means? No worries! Check out our flyers that detail each letter of the industrial athlete's daily checklist, PREPARED.

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